Group Project: Bike

For our group piece we were commissioned to create a work to be showcased at Blackboy Hill Cycles In Bristol, A locally, well established store selling bicycles plus a repair workshop and cycle hire.

The Brief:

  • To collaboratively plan and create a bicycle themed window display for Blackboy Hill Cycles.
  • Display work publicly
  • Work on a real life professional brief.
  • Face challenges, in terms of space, materials and creative disagreements
  • Work together as a group to design and make something that you all agree with and have a part to play in. You must ensure that every voice gets heard and everyone has a role to play.

For this collaborative project we first come together as a group to discuss possible outcomes that all of us would be happy to work towards and create a professional standard piece for the shop.

We decided on a design in the shape of a bike where each classmate would contribute via  there own box (of a certain section of the bike) inside it a representation of Bristol in any way each person saw fit.

I decided to base my work on the iconic St Mary Redcliffe church.



Finale Design:

Finished Piece:



I believe the class worked well in this collaboration piece and the work came together very successfully. We, despite some combating opinions worked well to resolve these and the result was a display to a high enough standard that it was successfully presented in the shop.


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