Unit 5: Outcomes

Research stage design in theatre and sceneries effect on the overall performance.

The whole premise of my predominantly conceptual project aim was that of how the setting can change one singular scene. The concept was to take one single scene and see the effects of changing the said scene on how it is interpreted taking the characters surroundings into account. I chose the scene as two figures, one kneeling and the other stood. This seemed like a very typical scenario, especially in theatre and much more meaning could be found than just two silhouettes stood or sat. Through this process, and researching the effects of scenery in real life theatrical performances I came up with the following theoretical outcomes.


The Stage: For the stage I created a basis box stage. This is based on a very common box stage set up with open sides and back so that the scenery and background can be changed with ease.


The Cloister: Based on classical theatre such as Shakespearian plays and creates a mood of drama. Some possible scene interpretation could be a person praying/begging for forgiveness or someone dying at the hands of the other.





I based this scenery on the architecture of Bristol Cathedral.


The City: This scene was created to represent more modern theatre, that of book of mormon or Chicago. There are many interpretations of this scene such as someone begging for money, a street violence scene or something as simple as one character picking up a wallet that the other character dropped.





The Castle: This scene was created to represent a very typical fantasy type setting, one found in a Disney story inspired production or perhaps a pantomime. This scene creates a feeling of youth and escapism with such interpretations as a prince proposing or a pauper being presented with there fairy godmother.



The Ballroom: This scene was created inspired by period/historical drama Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera and gives it an air of sophistication. Such interpretations of this scene could be a servant responding to there master or perhaps someone has come down ill (this is often portrayed in this type of production as highly dramatised and over-exaggerated)



I beige I successfully put together a range of stage designs and showed the effects that scenery has on the interpretation of the events being acted out.

Having had to take some time off during this unit I feel I could have put together more designs and to a possibly higher standard had my personal issue arise ash the time.


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