Unit 5: Personal Experimental Studies – Performance

Performance – in the performing arts, generally comprises an event in which a performer or group of performers present one or more works of art to an audience.

Some Examples of Types of Performance:

Dance: Ballet, acrobatics, ballroom, hip-hop, modern, tap.

Music: Busking, concert, musical, orchestra, opera, recital.

Theatre: Play, mime, stand-up comedy, pantomime.


Specialist pathway: Architecture

Adaptive re-use of an existing historical building to create a performance space e.g North Duisburg.

  • The Rhur valley, a region in west Germany. Known for its industrial history and subsequent industrial architecture style. Several buildings have been turned into performance spaces.

Idea 1: Church Restoration


  1. Take photos on the exterior and interior of the church St Mary le Port Church on castle green.
  2. Draw interior, build up “performance space” in lares upon photo base.
  3. Take photos of performers (some of my classmates)
  4. Insert said “performers” into the scene using photoshop.
  5. Copy and print layers on acetate.
  6. Layer the layers in a book style and present my proposed performance space in this way.

After doing some deeper research I discovered the church is in fact left in ruin as a form of memorial to those who died in the blitz of world war two, and is listed as a grade two building. I thus decided this idea would not work, or rather would not be inappropriate and went back to the drawing board so to speak to come up with another concept.

Idea 2: Derelict Building – Atë

I was going to opt for a similar process to above, except rather than a church I was going to try and find derelict buildings use these as the base for my designs instead.

In order to obtain these photos, I asked my father to help me out. He works as a fireman and I thought he could allow me. I explained to him the idea, of which he said he could probably arrange, however upon him trying to sort out the health and safety aspects, He realised that the paperwork would take far too long to complete to match the given brief. I thus decided this idea was thus not practical.

Idea 3: Theatrical Scenery

  1. Design a small 3d “Stage” box
  2. Create a scene using silhouetted characters.
  3. Design 3-5 backdrops to place behind this scene
  4. take note how each scene effects the scene and changes its meaning.

Ideas for possible scenes:

  • Fantasy (castle)
  • Sci-Fi (invented planet, city or spaceship)
  • Modern city scape (New York/London etc)
  • Garden/farm scene
  • War scene
  • ???

I decided that this idea was far more practical for this project and began my research into that of theatrical set design, an aspect of performing arts I have wanted to explore for some time.


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