3D Project – Final Piece

The base on this design was made from a foam board making it light and easy to work with. I used acrylic paint on the base. Initially a coat of white and then I created a dirt like effect mixing browns, creams and greens. Inbetween these two layers I used some sugar to create a gritty texture. all of this together gives the medical side of the wall a dirty feel. there is no concrete or pavings there, highlighting the poverty the people are faced to live in. On the American side I painted the base block metallic gold, playing on “streets paved with gold”. This is often a theme used when referencing the “American dream” and represented the lavish lifestyle on that side of the wall under Trump’s leadership.

In my final Piece I added some additional signage that I wanted to add to the initial maquette but couldn’t because the scale was too small. In my final piece, with the larger scale I was able to add the “Make America Hate Again” banners. This is a play on Donal Trump’s slogan throughout his campaign “make America great again.” This is in direct reference to the increase in hate crime since his appointment as Republican candidate.

I also improved the signs on the wall, making them less bright and contrasting. I still wanted them to be relatively bright compared to the wall being they would in theory have been placed on the wall by the Americans as propaganda to the Mexicans. I made them dappled with acrylic paint to make them seem dirty and decayed.

I made the Trump titan out of a wooden frame and layered plaster bandage. This was a technique I had used prior in my GCSE’s and was looking forward to try it again. Initially the trump figure was supposed to be fully sized, in comparison to the wall, a head to toe model. This however was a lit too ambitious for the time given and I only could construct the figure from the shoulders up. Luckily this was all that was visible when looking at it from the front, the designs view point however, I would have liked to complete him nonetheless. The paining of the figure worked quite well, the orange skin standing out strongly against the pink muscle. I was slightly worried the two colours would be too similar being on a similar part of the colour wheel but there was enough definition with the black outlines to make it easy to tell apart. The black outlines were in direct reference to the manga, with its black and white drawings. I am happy that the character is still recognisable as both a titan and as a Donald Trump comedic caricature.

The Wass was initially was going to be a weaved structure built upon the base as pictured above however, this was a failure. The weaved cardboard was meant to mirror the cardboard houses below and look somewhat makeshift (representing Trumps seemingly rash nature). In the end it looked far too whimsical. I decided to go for a more foreboding design made from blocks of cardboard. this in the end worked far better and gave a better massage of segregation. It also looked more similar to the original wall in the anime.

Over all the design was successful and I got the effect and message I set out to. The theme of anthropocene isn’t blatantly obvious but also is not impossible without a little explanation which was part of my original vision.


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