3D Project – Maquette

A maquette (French word for scale model, sometimes referred to by the Italian names plastico or     modello) is a small scale model or rough draft of an unfinished sculpture. An equivalent term is bozzetto, from the Italian word that means “sketch”.


My design is quite political, relating to the theme of anthropocene. Upon the recent appointment of Mr Donald.J.Trump as the next president of the united states, I looked further into his manifesto. I discovered his political stance is quite different when compared to my own views (typically left-wing liberal). Having a rather eco-centred political stance I was quite shocked to learn of Donald Trumps heavy support of fracking, the use of Fossil fuels and of nuclear power. All of which makes a mark on the planes and, reflecting exactly how anthropocene would take effect.

My design was slightly comedic in the fact I have represented Donald Trump as the Colossal titan from popular Japanese animation Attack On Titan. This references the statement Mr Trump said regarding building a wall along the Mexican boarder. In a way I am using irony throughout my piece, Trump wanted to keep the Mexican people put of the united states, however in Attack On Titan it in the titans that are being kept out with their wall.

The buildings I constructed out of layer corrugated cardboard were designed to resemble concentration camps. This relates to the oppression the Mexican people would experience be it this wall would be constructed and keeping them trapped like animals. I took inspiration with this from Anselm Kiefer, who often used images relating to the holocaust in his work. his work specifically related to the poems of Paul Celan who wrote of his experiences of the Shoah (holocaust). Keifer’s work does no shy away from dark themes, confronting them head on which is what I wanted to do in my political piece.


The propaganda posters contain quotes of Mr Trump, relating to the many uses of propaganda throughout history. More often than not these propaganda posters were against direct groups of people in specific the posters I created I wanted to be more negative against the planet itself, again relating to the anthropocene theme.



I enjoyed creating this piece although I realised upon it’s creation my initial scale was too small. In order to get the detail I needed I would have to double it in size at least.

The posters on the wall were initially going to remain relatively similar to those on the maquette, primary basic colours however, I realised they were too bright and contrasting to the rest of the scene and needed to be much darker in the end piece.

I found the making of the buildings to be quite successful. These were initially just placeholders till I created a more exact structure however I liked the way they looked. The basic structure and colour created an eerie and rustic feeling.

The roofs of the structures howeverI was not happy with, the stark white was too contrasting and I decided to change that in the final piece.

The cobalt Trump Titan here was quite well executed however he was constructed out of land cardboard and glue which of course was not going to make it to the final design. It worked well however in this practice version.


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