Printing – Screen printing

When choosing a design for my screen print I wanted to explore the option of doing a cityscape, a theme I have used quite a lot throughout my work. I chose the New York skyline having visited there this summer (august) and thought the shapes, highlighting the freedom tower, would work well here. I opted for a cool palette hoping it would resemble a night sky which I believe was quite successful. The photo above shows the first print, third print and fifth in order. I like how you can see the process working but at the same time all three are quite pleasant works in their own right.

I was inspired by a piste I took whilst on the Staten Island Ferry. I looked back from the New York harbour and the signs of the forbidding city behind us was a strange feeling. From being in the middle of it all to suddenly out on open water was both shocking to the system and refreshing. I wanted to reflect this feeling within the colour scheme used, on a more cool, melancholy scale. Infact the three images I pinned up reflect on three emotions I experienced, the far left has a somewhat optimistic feel to it, the bold straight lines and block colour. The second seems playful, representing excitement, with the abstract shapes and flashes of blight colour. last he the far right seems more dull and the colours are more melded together here giving the print a gloomy feel.

The image I used as inspiration, specifically the freedom tower.


Being my favourite piece of work thus far I have completed I feel there isn’t much to fault besides some intakes in the cutting which is probably not noticeable to the unknowing eye. An easy way to avoid this kind of mistake in future is to continue to use the scalpel to cut intricate shapes and let practice make perfect.

I also would have liked the image to me more in line with the original image. I only used the image as inspiration and would have liked rather to have tried to recreate it with more detail. The boats on the harbour would have also been an interesting aspect to include in the composition.


When using a scalpel one just use a cutting board as to avoid cutting any surfaces as well as make the cutting on a more stable surface.

Fingers could easily be cut when using a sharp object such as this so care must be taken in regards to hands, hair and clothing as well as where you leave/store the blades. When not in use they should be stored either with the blades covered or blade down in a pot or container.


This video I found interesting. The video looks atĀ Mathias Valdez’s screen print work.


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