Monoprinting: is a form of printmaking that has images or lines that can only be made once, unlike most printmaking, where there are multiple originals.

Looking for inspiration in regards what to create, the texture of tin foil caught my attention. Resembling a cloudy night sky, or at least how I think it came out, gave my city scape a nice stark background and added a slight gloomy ambiance. This contrasted well to the bright colours used both in the building silhouettes and the leaves. Although initially I was disappointed the buildings ink didn’t completely transfer, I’ve grown to quite like the effect, the more distressed look makes the design feel completely different to how I intended but a good attempt overall.

In my second attempt when using a flat inked background, I wanted to stick with the same theme, but make this one more optimistic. I, instead of using black, opted for a blue-faded-to-white base and lauerd time ink soaked string on top of that. I think it came out looking quite like wispy clouds, how I had intended, and made the composition look more innocent. It almost looks childlike due to the bright colours and more random curved lines.


I think a wider use of fabrics would have been interesting, and a prospect I would like to explore in future when mono printing again. I only had a limited choice in regards to my range of materials being that the whole class was doing the same activity thus, we were all sharing materials from the workshop.

I think the tinfoil worked surprisingly well, and it’s a texture I probably wouldn’t have thought of initially. The scrunched texture along with the leaves printed gave the composition an interesting twist. The leaves reminiscent of a tropical image while the oil sky looking stormy. Perhaps adding a dream-like/surrealist quality of these two contrasting images in one piece.

I think the printing with natural objects is also something I enjoyed, very reminiscent of flower pressing in primary school. I will probably use this also in future prints.

A more extensive city scale would be an interesting project in this setting. The minimal shapes gives the image a pop art type aesthetic however I think it would be interesting to explore a more detailed piece. All then depends on how the printing press would deal with that, after all the simpler the print the better normally.


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