Mixed Media

Mixed Media – A mixed media painting is one which combines different painting and drawing materials and methods, rather than only one medium. Any materials can be used, including collage items such as pages from magazines, newspaper, photographs, fabric, soil, or packaging. Or a mixed media piece can be as ‘simple’ as using two mediums, such as acrylic paints with pastel on top.

Our mixed media project was to be done with the theme of Genus Loci, the ideology referencing the “spirit of the place”. Essentially an art work using Genus loci focusses primarily on the emotional effect a location or journey has on the artist themselves and they then reflect that in their work. Memory and the roles of association are key.

Our task, homework if you will, was to choose a place to explore this idea with. We had the option to continue on from the week before with our Harbourside exploration although many of us chose places with more emotional connection. I myself chose Cotham Gardens A place I have visited many times since I was a child and have very fond memories of. When I visited the park, the weekend before class, the most prominent thing I could feel while being there was of change. The leaves on the trees were just beginning to turn into their golden autumn hue, a reminder summer was now well and truly behind us. I wanted to reflect this in my work and decided to really exaggerate this golden theme. I collected some leaves, green ones sadly as it had rained that morning leaving the normally crisp brown ones in a slush on the ground.

Wanting to explore the method of image transfer, I also collected a few photos of the park, specifically the view from lovers walk, to make central to the work.


I particularly liked the fact I caught the couple walking in this shot, the irony of it being on lovers walk made it all the more pleasing. I decided to also incorporate the name of the walkway in the piece because of this.

The image transfer worked pretty well despite the detail, I was after a more tactile look anyway so tried to not make it look too perfect. While waiting for the image to transfer, a lengthy 24 hour wait, I got on with my other aspects. I decided that considering I had to collect green leaves rather than the lovely autumn brown ones I would paint my green leaves metallic gold, as I said the plan was to over empathise this aspect. The effect worked out rather well intact, The brown leaves would have probably been far more difficult to paint being so crisp. I also got some golden tissue paper and rolled tiny pieces painstakingly into little balls, these would later be glued on at the sides of the pathway to emulate the leaves.

When the photo transfer was finally complete and the paper removed I assembled all of the components, the leaves making a metallic boarder, the same metallic paint added sporadically to pull the golden leaves in the image and on the trees, and the paper balls stuck firmly. The finishing touches were the lovers walk written in the corner in calligraphy and the “shiny” details such as the benches and the street lamp coated in a layer of pva to make them stand out a little more (this doesn’t translate very well in the image but it’s there I promise).


I would have liked to use more leaves around the exterior to give it more depth, as if looking through the shrubs at the scene, immersed into the scenery.

I think the photo transfer could have been done far cleaner, if done on a more sturdy surface and with more attention when actually transferring the image however, I was after the more weathered effect so for me it worked exactly as I wanted.

I would have liked he pva to be more noticeable within the image highlighting the benches and lampposts as it was meant to pull out the difference between the ever changing natural world sitting hand in hand with the never changing manmade one.

the size of the piece was a little on the small side, however for a first try at the photo transfer it made sense. If I am to try this technique again I would like to do it on a bigger scale.

It is key to remember that images will be reversed the doing the photo transfer technique, as you can see above with mine, the original image appears flipped on the final piece. Of course it doesn’t make much of an impact in my piece, however caution would be needed when the image contained word or details required to be the same way as the original. In this case one would have to flip the image prior to transferring on photoshop or another photo editing software.


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