Wet Media – Landscape Psychogeography

Psychogeography – an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments. It has links to the Situationist International. movement. 

A walk to Bristols Harbourside started this activity. A place very close to my heart as a born and bred bristolian (minus the accent I must admit). We wandered down from college, along towards the harbour ferry, took a trip across as you must. After this we made our way to the Banksy installation The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum.

Along the way we took pictures or sketched some of the sights such as the dry dock, the S.S Great Britain or just the harborside’s surrounding architecture. I took a particular interest in an old Fishing boat found just infant of the Banksy piece.

Following our small detour we made a trip to the infamous Brunel buttery, over the __ bridge and then along back to college. In our short trip I really felt the effects on the city on my art/photography. after all the point of the excessive was to take the role of  a observer of city life. 

The aim of the activity was to developed an idea monochromatically using a range of wet drawing media and techniques. I opted for wax resist along with Indian ink to create my piece. It took me a while to get used to the wax resist as a method after not attempting it for a few years but it created some really nice effects once I did.


Using a range of locations and combining them into on composition was successful and gave an interesting imago of Bristol and reflected well on the idea of psychogeography. As if wandering around the Harbourside, as we did.

I would further practice my use of wax resist to perfect my technique and perhaps include more details as to make the piece more interesting and full.



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